Thursday, August 18, 2005

First Rock Art Class

Shelby and Sheri went up to the village of Lachiguiri on the 12th of January of this year (2005) with the idea of starting an art class for those who might be interested. Zapotec people in general are very artistic but we had no idea what to expect.

Shelby, a retired teacher won their confidence from the start. Our little room was jammed packed from the first day. The idea was to train them for a new interprise to supplement their income along with their coffee production. This is not just a past time or kids fun thing, so we limited the class to adults. Now that some of the artist are painting in their homes, they are making this a family project with their kids wanting to help. Their art work is also creative as you will see as we add artist.

The classes are free and the paint and brushes are there for them to use. We've incorporated teaching them principles on how to take care of their paint brushes and paints. They are allowed to use the classroom on certain days. Many have bought their own supplies from the proceeds of their earnings so they can paint in their homes. Still many of them prefer coming to the classroom to use our supplies plus it is also a great social time for many of them. They also learn from seeing each others work and techniques. It is turning into a great cooperative effort.

There are now over 60 artist and many more are asking us to start new classes. We hope to renew our teaching classes as soon as the tropical thunderstorms let up some. Eventually we will teach them marketing skills so they can promote their own Art.

Starting with our next blog we will introduce you the artist with their individual stories and pictures of some of their art work.


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